About L&LJ

L&LJ Mission Story

The experience and paths of surgeons and surgical specialty aspirants can vary immensely. The true surgical experience often time seems enigmatic to the preclinical medical student, and even the final-year medical student.

No one really knows what they have gotten themselves into until they begin specialty training.

Hence our greatest mission is to paint these stories under magnification so you can get a good taste of what it is like to walk in these individuals’ shoes.

Our End Game

Loops and Loupes of Journeys is a magnification into the lives of surgeons.

Our ultimate vision for this venture is to build a collection of freely accessible surgeon stories. The fields of surgery are populated with many goal-oriented, intelligent, quirky, creative yet imperfect minds.  We want to reveal the struggles, the humanness, and the thought processes that went behind the strong aspirations and achievements of these individuals.

Just so you can find relatability, similarities, and inspiration in their stories.

After all, some of the greatest world leaders in their fields had times in their lives when they did not have access to physical mentors to carry out their dreams but instead relied on books and stories to dream big and live life at large.

We aim to tell you stories of surgeons from the beginning to the end of their careers, from their struggles to the pinnacles of their careers, and from practising in underfunded healthcare systems to well-funded systems.

We hope to lay out the reality that lay behind the glitz and glamour of how surgery is painted on screen and how reality varies for each extraordinary mind that chooses to wear this walk of life.

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