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Oviya Giri

Founder and Author

Oviya Anjali Giri is a medical graduate from the P.S.G. Institute of Medical Sciences and Research, India. She is a writer and aspires to train in General Surgery in the upcoming years.

She is new to the biographical writing space. Having a passion for storytelling and awareness of misinformation related to undergoing training in surgical specialties, she chose to undertake this passion project.

She hopes to paint stories of various surgeons to give the outsider a realistic picture of the surgeon’s life. Besides her engagement with writing, she is a physician scientist. Her areas of interest include women in surgery research, gender equity research, and minimally invasive surgical outcomes research. She is a strong advocate for women in Surgery and is highly passionate about women empowerment in healthcare. You can reach out to her @OviyaGiri (Twitter) or email her at oviya.giri@gmail.com.

Karthika Vijay

Lead Illustrator

Karthika Vijay is an architect and graphic designer based out of Chennai, India. She draws inspiration from her travel to various places. Experiencing new cultures, people and places gives her different perspectives.

Her illustrative works on Loops and Loupes of Journeys provide unique and elegant character to the various biographical articles.

If you would like to take a look at some of her other prominent works, be sure to stop by her Instagram page or reach out to her at karthikavijay07@gmail.com.

Anirudh Murali

Editor in Chief

Dr. Anirudh is a general and laparoscopic surgeon who is almost as passionate about writing as he is about surgery itself. He has written and curated multiple articles for the crowdsourced website “First Class Medicine” that he helped create with like-minded friends. In addition, he has a blog of his own titled “The Cutting Edge”, where he pens down his thoughts and lessons drawn from his day to day experiences as a surgeon. He loves to teach and finds a teachable moment at every opportunity possible. He hopes to continue writing in the future whilst working towards his vision of becoming a Minimal-Access Colorectal Surgeon.

His valued reviews on these pieces prior to publishing on L&LJ add exceptional quality.

Akil Giri

Head of Website Development

Akil is a computer engineering student at the University of Waterloo, Canada. He has extensive experience experimenting with HTML, javascript, and Python. He worked on Python development for a VFX company that works on entertainment content, including Stranger Things, the critically acclaimed Netflix series.

His favourite thing to do outside of his passion for Computer Science is mastering multiplayer video games like Apex Legends and League of Legends due to their competitive nature and how they are a great way to keep in close touch with his friends.

His unique ability to merge technology with a sleek aesthetic is the basis behind L&LJ’s great design.

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