About L&LJ

Our Values

Women Empowerment

Most Surgical specialities are historically known to have comparatively less women representation. It is not uncommon to encounter women medical students who are passively prescribed not to undergo surgical training by their mentors and family members. Our team has a shared goal to bring forth stories of resilient women in surgery, and trailblazers in the women empowerment space.

We want the future generation of women medical students to know that it is our responsibility to join the global conversation on gender inequity, and bring forth solutions to pave a better future.

Solving this problem begins with bringing forth to light, stories of inequity in the workplace, and stories of various inspiring women surgeons to obliterate misconceptions.

Global Representation

We believe that international representation in surgery on this blog is key to establishing inclusiveness. It also enables us to create a holistic layout for readers of what a surgical career entails with various differences in culture, funding, format and stages of training.

After all, we do not really know what the world has to offer outside of our own micro-ecosystems.  We truly hope that this blog can be an eye-opener by being a platform for access to information on different surgical practices around the world.

Right to Privacy

Our team takes privacy very seriously. At L&LJ, every article that is published is verified by the interviewee after its final edits before publication.

If the interviewee prefers to remain anonymous, we respect their wish and publish the article anonymously. We will acknowledge the physician/student if and only he/she prefers it that way.

Our website does not gather personal information or monitor personal activity. We have built this site using WordPress and only the analytics that they offer will be accessible to us. 

Our feedback section allows you to provide your input and views. We have no other means of knowing your identity.

We do not indulge in any behind-the-scenes activity that can compromise any individual’s right to privacy.

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